QUIET RIOT – ROAD RAGE (Frontiers Records)

Review by Jason Houston: 2017 marks the return of Quiet Riot with a brand, smacking, new studio CD entitled “Road Rage”. Before we get into the new CD  I think it’s very important to discuss some of the band’s recent history. The last official QR CD came out in 2006 and that was the band’s final album with original Lead Singer: Kevin Dubrow who sadly passed away from an accidental drug overdose in November 2007.

Many fans like myself at that time felt that “Rehab” was Quiet Riot’s finest hour in several years and while Rehab did feature both Kevin Dubrow and Drummer: Frankie Banali it also featured Bassist: Tony Franklin, a legendary Bass Player in his own right as well as Guitarist: Neil Citron who were both brought into the “Rehab” recording sessions to fill the spots that at that time had been vacated by longtime Bassist: Chuck Wright and Guitarist: Alex Grossi.

Writers on one of my favorite “Rehab” tracks which was “Old Habits Die Hard” were Neil Citron,  Frankie Banali, Kevin Dubrow and Glenn Hughes..  Now in 2014 Quiet Riot did release an album titled: “Ten” which featured 6 new tracks with new Lead Singer: Jizzy Pearl and four live tracks that featured Kevin Dubrow on them. I have to explain that my reasoning for saying that “Rehab” was their last real album to come out.

I say this for the simple fact that Drummer: Frankie Banali originally just released the “Ten” album digitally and then he made the decision to pull the album from all digital sites and the album never saw an actual Hard CD release so a lot of QR fans never got a chance to hear the release! Earlier this year when I heard that, there was going to be a new album on the way I thought that maybe the fans might get a chance to hear the “Ten” album,  I thought you know they could include this release as a bonus CD or something but sadly that’s not the case here.

Now on to the new CD called “Road Rage”……..Quiet Riot fans should also know that this is the first album that they have released in the last 10 years, and that’s something to be said when you consider that this coming November will mark the 10th anniversary of original Quiet Riot front man: Kevin Dubrow’s passing. I go into all the history to let you all know that I am a longtime fan of the band and I must tell you that after just listening to their newest cut “Road Rage”. From start to finish I can tell you all the fans that the band is on the rails again and I hope that this will be a major comeback for the band!

Following the death of Kevin Dubrow as most people may recall Quiet Riot had came to a brief end at that time because Drummer: Frankie Banali at that time did not see how the band could carry on without Dubrow but since that time Banali got back with Bassist: Chuck Wright, and Guitarist: Alex Grossi and have gone through a slew of Singers since re-forming trying to find the guy that made the perfect fit and I think with new Lead Singer: James Durbin they may have finally found the perfect guy to front the band!

I think somewhere right now Kevin Dubrow might be listening to “Road Rage” and might be thinking “Hey Frankie, Chuck, Alex thanks for doing me proud, thanks seeing that the Quiet Riot legacy is alive and well, and thanks for giving our fans a great new album!  I think that both Chuck Wright and Alex Grossi along with Frankie Banali are all essential to making that the band sound that all us Quiet Riot fans have come to known and expect and that new Lead Singer: James Durbin is the perfect front man to take them to new heights in 2017 and beyond!

Some final thoughts on the overall “Road Rage” album and that is that the new album is loaded with 11 great new tracks and it’s an album where you get that Classic “Quiet Riot” sound from the 80’s that we all know and love and then there are a few other tracks that have a more Modern Rock sound to them where I feel that James Durbin really brought his influence into the songs.

Like Frankie Banali has said in many recent interviews James Durbin has the ability to sing in the same range that Kevin Dubrow sang in and not once does Durbin even attempt to come off as a Kevin Dubrow clone but he does a great job of bringing his influence into the band while also respecting the band’s classic sound as well as the loyal QR fan base. There are even a few “Road Rage” tracks that I could also imagine Kevin Dubrow singing.  I’d overall rate this album 100/100 for the simple fact that the band’s return with a really solid, really fantastic new album where we really did DELIVER THE GOODS if you will!  The album is loaded with 11 great new tunes loaded with great hooks and melody and any one of thes 11 new tracks I think could easily find it being played on any radio station that still supports Hard Rock/Metal Muisc!

I now want to talk about three tracks that really stand out to me:

“Can’t Get Enough” – The latest single to be released from the album before the album’s even been released and I urge you all to go on YouTube and check out the band’s great video for this song.  This is really a great way to kick off the band’s new album, love the fact that this is the first song that real fans will hear when they put on the new effort for the simple fact that it has that classic 80’s QR sound to it. Love the guitar playing from Alex Grossi on this one, it’s just a really well written song that is loaded with so many great hooks and melodies, has a sing along quality on this one as well. Very radio friendly song !

“Wasted” – This song also has that typical early day QR 80’s sound to it and reminds me very much of some of their Classics songs such as “Sign Of The Times” and “The Wild And The Young”.  Also has a real “Metal Health” sound/vibe on here. Great Modern day Rock anthem here that I feel is going to go over really well in the band’s Live set.

The Road – Slowest song on the entire CD, not quite a ballad but probably the closest that you’ll ever get to describe as a ballad. Durbin’s vocals really soar and shows the huge vocal range he has to offer. A bit of a different sound for Quiet Riot here but to my ears it’s a very good and welcomed sound! Quiet Riot Official Homepage at: https://quietriot.band/

Track Listing: 1. Can’t Get Enough  2. GetAway  3. Roll This Joint  4. Freak Flag  5.Wasted  6. Still Wild  7. Make A Way  8. Renegades  9. The Road  10. Shame  11. Knock Em Down

My rating 100/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)